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Pastor, author, director, producer, fund-raiser, church-growth expert—-all these titles fit.

Dr. Stephan K. Munsey lives and resides in Munster, Indiana, part of the Greater Chicagoland Area. He lives there with wife Melodye and has two children Kent II (Allison) and daughter Candace. He has four grandchildren, Malachi, Kausti, Shealee and Chantel.

Dr. Steve Munsey and wife, Melodye, co-pastor the Family Christian Center of Munster , Indiana , along with son Kent Munsey. His church has a congregation of 10,000 members and is growing daily.

Jesus of Nazareth, a Passion Drama written by Dr. Munsey, is seen in many areas of this country, and he has the vision to take it international. First staged in its current form in the Seattle, Washington area in an outdoor amphitheatre, he and his wife brought the play to the church he now pastors. The drama draws people to Northwest Indiana not only from the Illinois/Indiana area, but also from all over, even from foreign countries. Staged on the permanent set of old Jerusalem that is an integral part of the new building, the drama continues to be exceedingly well attended. In 2005 more than 50,000 people viewed Jesus of Nazareth in the two largest venues: Seattle and Munster.

Dr. Steve Munsey has written several books. His most recent book entitled Unleashing Your God-Given Dreams is a highly motivational message in a style relative to audiences of various ages and cultures. His books have been distributed through bookstores, television and personal appearances. Dr. Munsey appears on television across the continent. His program, YES YOU CAN, is seen across the U.S.A. and is carried by short-wave radio throughout the world.

Dr. Munsey is as active within the community as his busy schedule will allow. He concerns himself with community events such as blood drives and worthy causes. One of the causes he is actively involved in is the local hospital’s cancer research program, which has been nationally recognized.

The church in Munster is destined to become a multi-faceted core of ministries, beginning with the new facilities, the Family Life Center . It houses state-of-the art children and youth ministries, boasting many innovations. His vision for the family include a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with job counseling; and a center for un-wed mothers.

Dr. Munsey can be seen nationally as a spokesman for the television documentary called Exposing the DaVinci Code as seen on Pay per View, national television and cable TV outlets.

Time magazine, People magazine, Ladies Home Journal and FOX TV/Cable NEWS featured his trendy creative edge, spotlighting his STARBUCKS café in the lobby of the Munster church. He is regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal newspaper as a key national figure spokesman for key issues. He was recently featured in the prestigious New York Times magazine as a religious leader sensitive to issues concerning Jews from around the globe, especially Israel.

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